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In art as in life there is a need for a new perspective on learning.

Learning is a gift we sometimes overlook. To take a fresh perspective on learning, try teaching someone something. When they get it you will quickly see the amazement and appreciation upon their face. Like a young child we learn about the beauty of creation. Noticing for the first time a birds' distinctive chirp or a flower that resonates its' scent. We understand the simple things of life are beautiful and thought provoking.

When we stop learning or being the student of life, we stop moving forward and stagnate. Then life seems less interesting, more conflicted and even hypocritical because we have lost our vision to discover new ideas and fresh approaches. If we think we have all the answers and need no one else to enlighten us, or are so self sufficient that we can answer any question we may have just fooled our self. When we think we know it all we begin shutting out new life or answers and direction.

Life is constantly changing as our physical bodies, emotions and perceptions do. What we may have thought as a constant truth years ago today may change. If we are open to new understanding today we may see that what once may have served us well is not sufficient any longer in today's world. So learn something new. Acknowledge your humble inexperience and begin to open up your life again. It will exhilarate your life and those around you. I have spent a lifetime uncovering and exploring what fine art painting means to me. Many teachers and experiences have guided my path. What I am offering you is the opportunity to learn, learn, and learn.

You have an opportunity to learn on September 7, 8 and 9, 2015 the Art of Painting in my studio, Daryl Urig's Creative Underground in Springdale Ohio. Please call or text for more information at 513-708-7981

Urig Awarded the Frank Duveneck Award -Read More

Opening Up New Avenues for Painters

The Creative Underground Broadcast Channel presents new thinking about the art of painting, with live interviews, discussions, mentoring, workshops, and events.
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"Tips for a Contemporary Painter" is my latest book that answers tough questions about the art of painting. C.W.Mundy says, "It's like an encyclopedia in understanding the nature of painting with very useful tips! Very easy to read with valuable insight!".


Creative Underground - Gallery
430 Ray Norrish Drive,
Cincinnati OH

Next Creative Underground Gallery Exhibition opens at 6:30 pm on Tuesday Evening, September 29, 2015 and is open to the public.
Please bring a friend. Enjoy with us great works of art, a glass of wine and select hors d'oeuvres.

Is open to public by appointment.

See a video introduction by Gallery Director, Robert Little

View select paintings in Gallery


Get Back to Art, Mentoring Program
Monday, Open Studio Painting Instruction - Sketch, Paint, Draw and Design. Cost $60 for members, $70 for non-members of DUCU. Please Download Membership & Event Form

Preregister, Call/Text: 513-708-7981
or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com to register.


Artist Sounding Board
First Tuesday of Every Month at 7pm. Free to members $20 for non-members. Moderated discussion on painting topics to help painters find answers to tough questions.

Preregister: Call/Text: 513-708-7981
or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com

Daryl Urig's Creative Underground - Studio
430 Ray Norrish Dr.
Springdale OH
On Rt.4 just off I-275 in the Yorkhaven Professional Plaza

text or call:
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