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Daryl Urig

Artist Statement

Thomas Hart Benton once said, “painting is a great field if you can make it past the first 30 years.” Well, I’ve made it, and although it’s a daily struggle, painting is my life’s passion.

As a painter, I draw my inspirations from every day life. I will paint anything (still lifes, city streets, seascapes, portraits, nudes, animals, interiors) that will hold still long enough for me to capture.

My perceptions about life continuously change as I paint. An opportunity to self discover. Every painting a chance to explore the unnoticed things in life to later bring attention to them in my paintings.


Biography of Daryl Urig

Daryl Urig has painted his entire life. He is a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He worked as a graphic designer for 15 years designing packages for Procter and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Nestles and Interactive gaming and education programs for WCET. He perfected his teaching talent as an adjunct Professor with the University of Cincinnati for over 10 years. As its Academic Coordinator he created a 4-year program for the University of Cincinnati. He authored three books on painting, Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Plein Air Painting for Everyone and Painting Knife Explained. He is a contributing writer for Leisure Painter magazine in the UK. His Blog "The Adventures of an American Oil Painter" is read by more than 50,000 viewers annually.

His work has hung in the Columbus Art and Toledo Art Museums. His work hangs in private collections and galleries in the United States and UK. He has won major awards at the Salmagundi Club in New York City and with the Portrait Society of America.

His understanding of painting, design and teaching make him a worthwhile resource for any painter. He teaches workshops across the country promoting healthy painting habits.

He lives part year in Bluffton, SC. His new studio/gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio is called Daryl Urig's Creative Underground. Hosting Workshops, Live Broadcasts on Painting and his Paint Mentoring program and individual paintings.

My Approach

I don't believe there are steps one must follow to make a great painting. Though I do set out an actionable plan to help you create a great painting in my books. There are many recipes for making bread, to say one way is better than another would be silly. Painting is from the heart, and it's your passion that radiates from the canvas that makes a piece special. My desire is to incorporate emotion and talent or skill into a painting.

For most of my paintings, I work with a painting knife on canvas panel using oil paints and Walnut Oil. Basically natural non-toxic and orderless products.

With each panel, I take a fresh approach. Every painting I do, even if it’s part of a series, is unique. Like every piece I create, each subject I paint has individual cues – light, color, texture, architecture, statement and frame of mind. I rely on their cues to accurately capture the subject with my paintings. Additionally, I bring my own experiences and emotions to each canvas.

After capturing the subject and my emotions on the canvas, I focus on the uniformity of my paintings. Keeping this in mind, I limit my color pallet, mixing as many colors from as few as possible before adding a new color. This sparing approach adds uniformity to the colors within the painting, so that the colors work in unison and move your eyes across the canvas.

I have written quite a bit about my developing approach in painting that can be read in my three published books here.


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