Daryl Urig national workshop tour

Daryl taught me the value of mixing colors, helped me to improve wet-on-wet painting while minimizing detail. Plus tips on preparing my panels for painting. - Robert Kroeger, The Ohio Barn Project, Montgomery OH

Like a brush, Daryl demonstrated the flexibility of using a painting knife to depict bold, yet simple representation of accurate color. With many useful insights on squinting to see shapes and values, plus scanning to see color. Great experiences that will help me move forward as a painter. - Sung Rielly, Indian Hill, OH

Dayl Urig has an easy style that communicates sound principles with creative enthusiasm. He tries to understand the students individual learning and shows ways they may cultivate it. - Jeannie Fortin, Kudzu Art Zone, Norcross GA

If I walk away with nothing more but mastering the skill of painting the vertical's it will be a successful workshop. - David Raderstorf, Kudzu Art Zone, Norcross GA

Daryl helped me to see values and translate that into my canvas with a painting knife - Sheryl Roach, New Smyrna Florida

As a novice artist I learned to layout my painting on canvas, mix and match colors, set up an easle while being patient and letting the picture come. - Mary Farrell, New Smyrna Florida

Your sense of humor includes the acceptance of me as an intellectual equal. - Joan Hartwig, New Smyrna Florida

Daryl makes art seem possible & attainable - Carole Lintner, Portland Oregon

You only think you are painting if you haven't taken the time to study color! Color and Contemporary Still Life is must do workshop if you are interested in how color will improve your work. - Rose Nigro, Bluffton SC

Daryl knows how to stretch the artist to achieve while maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere. - Janice Mathes, Bluffton SC

Freedom from brush cleaning, Turpenoid etc., was an eye opener. I also did like the clarity of color laid down with a knife and the simplicity of line it promotes. It is the most direct form of painting I have ever experienced. - Dede Aronian, Yorktown, NY

Daryl, Thank you for a terrific workshop. I learned a lot and enjoyed each day with all the painters. You have a very nice way about you and generously share what you know giving good tips as well as good life philosophy. Thanks again. Hope to catch you when you come back this way. - Barbara Harris, Providence, RI (Chatham, Cape Cod, MA)

Plein air field studies helped me to quickly capture the essence of the scene. Can't wait for the next workshop. - Jodi Green, UT

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward you. You have made a huge impression on my mom and her life would not have been the same without this Maynard Dixon Workshop and the time spent with you in the desert. She feels vital and appreciated and is inspired to start painting again, thanks to you. This was the best present to me---seeing her happy!! - Betsy Bodine, TX

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was laid back and relaxed and you didn't come across with a big ego like a lot of workshop leaders do. You didn't take up time trying to sell your work either. I liked the fact that we could see your painting in progress and see how you made decisions and what your struggle was too. Your suggestions to me were good and helped me improve my paintings. I appreciated the little tips too--like using walnut oil and alkyd walnut oil. Thank you again for accommodating my church schedule. - Mary Jean Weber, Cincinnati OH

The plein air workshop has helped me to get a feel for paints and the whole creative process. Daryl has helped me to regain my confidence and enjoyment for art. - Phyllis Goldstein, Black Mountains NC

Daryl is an excellent instructor who knows where each student is in their development and how to guide and encourage improvements. - Dick Snell, Sun City HHI, Bluffton SC

I have taken many workshops - this was the best. I learned so much - I can be an artist after all. - Carole Lintner, OR

I have learned so much. Daryl reinforced the basics, but went into advanced while making it easy. - Joe Wheatley, CA

I thought the class Woman in the Desert was fabulous, we learned so much from Daryl. He is a terrific teacher - very clear instruction was given. He's very encouraging. I highly recommend him as a teacher. - Patti Howard, Vancouver B.C.

Very much enjoyed your portrait demo for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. You employed very effective educational tools throughout the program and explained yourself well. Your patience and kindness during the critique session was much appreciated. Good job! - Deb Ward, Membership Chair and President (Elect), Cincinnati Watercolor Society, OH

Thank you so much for your informative demo and talk about facial features and their positioning on the face. I learned more in the couple of hours than I have in many years of books and study. - Jane A. Hittinger

Daryl Urig gave a creative presentation to my artist group this week. By drawing the audience “in” through a participatory exercise, we had fun as we absorbed principles of painting portraiture. Group members enjoyed his intelligent critique of individual paintings in a manor that respected both illustration and fine arts approaches while encouraging the entire group to think more deeply about our work. I am impressed with his teaching a wide spectrum of art knowledge from my experience in one of his painting knife workshops last year. His professional, yet relaxed manor works equally well for advanced artists and beginners. - Nancy Wisely, Program Chair, Cincinnati Watercolor Society, OH

Painting is such a personal art form. Daryl has such a unique approach of imparting knowledge, technique and experience along with encouragement. - Peg Yelverton, Bluffton SC

Daryl's workshop was very informative and fun. I enjoyed watching his painting demonstration and learned new techniques with painting knives. - Pepi Monair, Bluffton SC

I was taught in classical Atelier, I really wanted something new that would challenge my tightness and this workshop met my needs. - Pat Haslit (Oil Painting Instructor), Cincinnati OH

Daryl has a nice, gentle way to make excellent constructive suggestions to improve your painting. I had never used the approaches he has taught and what a difference they make. - Lu Anna Klote

This workshop challenged me in such a positive way. Daryl encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and paint Big and Artistic. - Jody Ball, Cincinnati OH

This is a great experience to learn a new medium and style to express myself. - Sylvia Winterhalter

This workshop is informative, challenging, and encouraging. I left the workshop encouraged and motivated to keep picking up that brush & painting knife, with the desire to continue to push myself and grow as an artist. That is priceless! Thanks Daryl! - Pati Pierce

I was very inspired by this workshop and the techniques I have learned. I can't wait to start more portraits. --Hannah, Cincinnati OH

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